Is It Compulsory to Prepare a Floor Plan With Vastu?

It is not compulsory to prepare the house floor plan with vastu principles. But Residents who are looking for eternal peace & development in their life, only they need floor plan according to vastu. Ask yourself do u want a better future and smooth life then you will also need vastu home plan.

Is There Any Harm if I Prepare Floor Plan Without Vastu?

No harm and no offense. As we discussed earlier, preparing home vastu plan bestows with peace, development, happiness, satisfaction in life. Those who wish to have such features in their family, they only come forward to prepare the home vastu plans. The home plans with vastu shastra principles and without Vaastu shastra principles may have some variations in terms of vastu results.

If I Build A House With Vastu Principles, I Would Not Have Any Problems In The Future?

Yes you will not have to face any major problems in future If you follows vastu principles correctly, but as we are humans at somepoint somestage everyone can gets little small problems, and those gets solved in very short period of time. But if any resident did not follow vastu principles, they experience major problems in their life and those problems stay longer time or they may have to face unsolvable problems too. Span will be volatile "with vastu" and "without vastu". Following Vastu principles is a pretty good.

How Much Should I Pay For Floor Plans With Vastu

You can contact us, with your property details. If you are interested in vastu floor plans making for your property, We will tell you the amount which you will have to pay for your plan, once you will tell the details of your property like; is your property commercial or residential, plot or built-up, area of site in sq. feet etc. 

Can I Get Customized Vastu Floor Plans ?

Why not ! Yes ofcourse you can get your customized floor plan according to vastu guidelines. While homeowners are eager to start new constructions or rebuild their homes, we are always ready to furnish them with full assistance. We are always looking at you to be exceptionally doing good. Contact us for more information.


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